The Buena Vista Estate has been hosting events and gatherings for over 200 years.
We believe no two events are the same. Therefore we offer a modular event rental for the different areas within the estate which has on-site parking for 100 cars. Additional parking is available upon request.

Entire Site

The Buena Vista Estate is made up of more than two acres of lush landscape. The only areas not included in the Entire Site rental are the Lower Lawn, Buena Vista Room and St. John’s Parking.

San Salvador's Foyer

San Salvador’s Foyer is filled with paintings and antique furnishings. It is made available to all events held at the Buena Vista Estate.

Exterior Courtyard

The Exterior Courtyard is ideal for small and large gatherings. Complete with a large water well it can accommodate up to 150 people seated and 500 standing.

Buena Vista Room

The Buena Vista Room acts as the Company’s retail store and therefore must be emptied of all merchandise prior to any event. The 200 year old room has a maximum capacity of 40 seated and 50 standing.


The Red Tavern

The Red Tavern is ideal for smaller receptions. It can accommodate a maximum of 60 seated and 100 standing. The front patio deck is also included in the rental.

Front Lawn

The Front Lawn is ideal for larger events and can accommodate up to 500 seated. It is also ideal for a tent that can be rented from several destination management companies in Nassau.

Lower Lawn

The Lower Lawn is ideal for daytime events and can accommodate up to 200 people and able to be tented.

St. John's Parking

The Buena Vista Estate can accommodate up to 100 vehicles. Additional parking for an additional 200 vehicles can be secured from St. John's Baptist Church.


All Inclusive Bar

John Watling's Distillery maintains bar exclusivity at the Buena Vista Estate for all events. For more information fill out the form below and an event specialist will get back to you within 24 hours.

Barrel Rental

While decorative barrels are available for free for use in on-site events, they are available for rent for off-site events. To find out the terms click on the agreements button.

Personalized Bottles

Personalized 250ml wax-dipped bottles are available for events and gatherings. To request, pricing write to info@johnwatlings.com.


Our Brand Ambassador is also available for Rum Tastings and the Label Your Own programs. To learn more about these experiences write to info@johnwatlings.com.

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To connect with our event's specialist please fill out the following form and submit. A specialist will reply within 24 hours.


All prices do not include 12% mandatory VAT tax and cocktail sales do not include mandatory 15% gratuity. 
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